Oisin and I decided we needed another day outside. We packed our bags and headed to Northern NJ to explore the Pahaquarry Copper Mines… we even got ourselves a little lost!

When we arrived, there was a large parking lot across the road from the trailhead. There was only one other group of people there, but they were eating lunch and we never did pass them on the trail, so, we were by ourselves(always a positive in my book).

We sprayed ourselves and Charlie down with our homemade tick and bug repellent and ventured off into the wood. We took the trail to the left for no other reason than it looked inviting. Within about a quarter of a mile, we reached the mines. It was blocked off but we could see in if we shined our flashlights in the entrance.


After admiring the area for a little bit, we decided to continue on, only, we couldn’t find the trail. So, instead of being sensible about it and turning around, we decided to go up. This ended up being a little bit of a mistake because of the undergrowth and plant matter buildup. Charlie ended up having to be lifted out of several holes he created in the soft ground from jumping and Oisin and I ended up almost crawling in a couple areas due to there not being any traction. Thankfully we happened to land on the trail at the top. 

There weren’t many overlooking views, but the scenery was still beautiful: lots of incredibly tall trees, streams, boulders, and plenty of flora.

We continued hiking until we made it to the AT (we even found a Trail Angel!). There, we climbed down onto a boulder to relax a bit while we ate lunch. When we were ready to continue, we started our descent down the AT. Poor Charlie started to tucker out not even half a mile into the AT segment of the hike: he started slowing us down so much that Oisin ended up having to carry him for about a mile and a half!

Charlie was grateful for the ride and was thankfully able to keep up with us for the remainder of the descent.

We finished the hike and on our way out of the woods, we found the trail marker we missed on the way in! So, if you do end up doing this hike, you want to hike the trail to the right because the trail on the left dead ends at the mine.


Location: 41.037940, -75.027480

Length: About 6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,263 ft

Trail Markers: Coppermine Trail (Red) to the Appalachian Trail (AT) (White) to the Kaiser Trail (Blue)

Hike Rating: 4/5

Difficulty: Moderate


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